springboard 2.0


"The springboard program has been instrumental in putting our company in the perfect position to raise money. We now have laser focus with our business model and financial analysis. The mentors went above and beyond to help us perfect our business model and identify our strengths. I would recommend this program to any entrepreneur looking to grow their business and potentially raise money." 
- Ian Sells, Co-Founder of StrongVolt.com

SDSI Springboard application period is now closed.  Application period for Class 5 will open August 1 - September 7.

SDSI Springboard 2.0 is a no cost, four month intensive mentoring program, that pairs qualified entrepreneurs with industry veterans for hands on mentoring.  The purpose of Springboard  is to fine tune a company’s business plan, create a compelling commercialization strategy and prepare for capital funding opportunities. Companies who are accepted work together as a group, convening for each milestone to present their business opportunity to fellow Springboard participants, business advisors and domain experts for feedback.  Mentoring occurs in stages starting with the development of the 15-minute investor presentation and then refining the presentation to create a five minute Quick Pitch. The culmination of the program is the participation in an SDSI Capital Event for qualified companies.*

Springboard’s Four Milestones:
Intake Panel " Confirms acceptance into the Springboard Program. Preliminarily accepted applicants give their 15 minute company presentation to potential mentors, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A and feedback focused on coachability, business model and market opportunity. If accepted, a lead Business Advisor will be assigned to lead the mentoring team and domain experts will be assigned as needed.

Operations Panel ��" Springboard participants give further developed 15 minute company presentation to other Business Advisors, Domain Experts and fellow Springboard participants. Presentation is followed by 30 minutes of Q&A and feedback focusing on the company’s operations including finance model, marketing plan and branding strategy. Additional domain experts may be assigned if needed.

Dry Run Panel ��" Springboard participants give further developed 15 minute company presentation to Business Advisors, Domain Experts, SDSI board members and fellow springboard participants as a final opportunity for feedback and fine tuning prior to the Quick Pitch. Presentation is followed by 30 minutes of Q&A and feedback.

Quick Pitch Panel ��" Springboard participants give abbreviated 5 minute company presentation without slides to Business Advisors and Domain Experts.  Presentation is followed by 20 minutes of Q&A and feedback.

*Companies who complete all above panels  are eligible to participate in an SDSI Capital Event. Those companies who join SDSI as members are given priority. 

SDSI Springboard 2.0 accepts applications from companies in the following categories:
1. Sports/active lifestyle related products and services 
Target customer must be the sports/active lifestyle industries or athletes
2. Sports/active lifestyle apparel brands 
Target customer must be the sports/active lifestyle industries or athletes
3. Sports/active lifestyle related technology, software
4. Advanced materials for the sports/active lifestyle industries

The following criteria is used to determine acceptance: 
1. Coachability
2. Business model viability
3. Product/service validity (working prototype, samples, significant testimonials, demonstrated sales, LOI, etc.)
4. Commitment (skin in the game, etc.)
5. Availability of mentors with relevant expertise

Clarification on funding 
SDSI Springboard 2.0 is not a funding program and does not guarantee funding. Springboard 2.0 is a mentoring program that prepares companies to be “Pitch Ready” if and when investment opportunities present themselves.

Disclosure and Confidentiality 
The Springboard process is about your business, not your technology. We will not ask you do not disclose any proprietary information about your technology or invention; however NO ONE INVOLVED IN SDSI OR SPRINGBOARD - EITHER IN THE PREPARATION PHASE OF AT THE PANEL PRESENTATIONS - WILL SIGN A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT.  The SDSI team and volunteers have agreed to maintain the highest standards of integrity with regard to your business activities.